About the Game

Botanika is a sandbox game designed to unite players from around the world in and outside of VR.

Together, explore an enormous planet, build beautiful gardens featuring recreational activities, and push mysterious, sinister forces away...

Explore a Gorgeous Planet

Find yourself on the gorgeous, polygonal planet of Botanika — a world brimming with stunning landscapes, unique player created activities, and mystery. Explore the planet, and settle down with your very own slice of land.

Your Own Slice of Land

Decorate your home as you wish, with treasures and exotic plantation you've discovered on expeditions, and trophies of celebrating your many heroic deeds!

Defend What is Yours

Use your creative ability to design beautiful gardens and defend them with both your ingenuity and strange, otherworldly contraptions! Use experience points gathered from your numerous deeds to improve your abilities, equipment, and defensive fortifications!

Community and Activities

Create unique activity sets in your garden and attract players from around the world, including archery ranges, elaborate miniature golf courses, drone racing and whatever you can think of!

Visit friends and strangers through a vast teleportation network, or stumble upon a player's creation by chance and see what unique experience they have to offer.

Share your creation and unique teleportation code online through social media.

Mysterious Forces Lurk

Beware... you aren't alone in this world. Strange forces stir and wake in the night, beautiful landscapes will slowly corrupt...

One of your duties will be to unite with other players to push these forces back, and protect Botanika's gardens!

Play However You Like!

Regardless of how you prefer to play — wether that's inside a VR headset or on your flatscreen — you and your friends can always play together.